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      Duplex fermentor|bioreactor

      Duplex  fermentor|bioreactor


      15 liters Duplex fermenter|bioreactor BLBIO-15FMT-2

      30 liters Duplex fermenter|bioreactor BLBIO-30SJA-2

      Duplex 50L  fermenter|bioreactor  BLBIO-50FMT-2

      Duplex  500L fermenter|bioreactor  BLBIO-500FMT-2

      Fully flexible stainless steel platform for pilot and production scale from 10L to...500L
      The SIP fermentor generation the Blbio-S/C , designed for meeting demanding requirements in process development and production.
      Single or Twin 、three and four configuration
      5L,10L,15L, 20L,30L,50L,100L,150L, 200L,300L,400L,  500L total volume
      Automated Sterilization in Place (SIP)
      Space saving design   and   to save time ,Process validation and strain screening

      Full qualification support

      For microbial or cell culture applications

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